HbA1C has improved over the last 3-4 months. In Jun 2013 it was 9.0 and last week it has come down to 7.5.

FENFURO was added as a supplement to the existing medicines. Will continue using FENFURO and check after 3-4 months.


Srinivasan Mudaliar


SRE 002  Hello Sir 
  I am very Happy to tell you my experience with FENFURO CAPS.I am diabetic for last 20 + years
Last one year my HbA1c{Glycosaleted Hemoglobin } was 9
Three months back ie on 4/3/2013  Dr suggested me to take Insulin
In the mean time I saw your add in Times of India and decided to try your above Medicine
My HbA1c as on 14/6/2013 is 6.9 and Mean Glucose has come down from 236 to 146 in Three Months
You can share my Experiance with Others I have all my Reports for last more than 10 years.  
Hemant Salgar 

Yes I have been able to manage and maintain well within range. Fenfuro is fantastic...



Yes, my mother is able to control her sugar level using FENFURO. 

Thank you. 

Infact I am very impressed and will try furuslim for myself now. 

Anubhav Saxena 

I am happy with the product.



I am using fenfuro tablets from last april. i can manage HbA1c level in 7.6 from 9.6 by taking two tab in a day and feel energy level also increasing.

thank you. 

Yogesh Agarwal



Energy level seems to be improved.
HbA1c is reduced from 8.8 to 8.1
Weight is reduced from 65 kgs to 63 kgs.

Rakesh Nautiyal


My sugar levels are fully in control after using FENFURO and GRECOBE.

Professor R. Baskar, FGS (Ind)


I  would like to share my personal experience with you.

I have been  Diabetic for last 8 years. When I added FENFURO in May 2011. I was already taking Metformin 500 mg Twice a day & Glimipride 1mg Twice a day. Fenfuro was added at a dose of one cap twice a day. My HbAlc was 8.5%.
By June 2012  Metformin and Glimipride was totally withdrawn and only Fenfuro continued.

Now I am taking only Fenfuro one cap once a day & My HbAlc is 6.6%.

In short" Fenfuro has helped me to withdraw Metformin and Glimipride with better control and management of Diabetes as HbA1c is improved from 8.5% to 6.6%".
I have no objection if my statement with is published in Print /electronic media.

Yovesh Suri


I have taken fenfuro. Its very good.

Thanx a lot.

will be ordering more soon.


C.L. Sharma



Last year when I started taking Fenfuro, I was asked by CheenyKum the organization then monitoring my diabetes, to reduce the Glycomet GP 1 to half in the morning.  Even now I take only half the tablet in the morning.

I take Fenfuro one capsule in the morning just before breakfast, and feel that it helps me to keep my blood sugar under control.

Thanks for asking for my feedback. 

D.T. Joseph




      I M.I. Khan resident of lucknow confirms that i am taking fenfuro for last eight months.

      during this period my sugar level has brought down from 150 in fasting  to 110.

      this product has made me more energetic.

      This is good product for diabetic patient. I wish grand sucess to fenfuro.

  M. I. Khan



        I learnt about "Fenfuro" through your advt. in Deccan Herald. 

My wife is a diabetic and was on Insulin 30 units per day.

She started taking "Fenfuro" at one capsule a day initially and then 2 per day.

Over a period of 3 months, slowly the insulin dosage was lowered and she is out of insulin for the past one month. 

I thank you and your team for the wonderful product and need to study the effect over the next six months 

Soundhar Rajan


I am taking fenfuro  2 capsules daily from last 1and a half year. Before starting fenfuro,

I was teking Amryl 2mg 1 daily and Glaciphase 500 mg twice daily.

My glucose reading was 140 and Hb1ac 8.1. Now I am taking Amryl 1mg 1 daily with Glaciphase 500 mg twice daily,

now my glucose level is 100 and Hb1ac is 6.1

Khazan Singh Minhas


I am very happy and satisfied with Fenfuro. 

I am taking this capsule (1 at night after meals) along with Glycomate GP2 for the past 1 year. 

The results are excellent.Before I started taking Fenfuro, my FBS was 165-180. 

Now since 8 months my FBS will be around 115-118.

I highly appreciate your medicine and I have recommended to many of my friends and relatives.

Mr. A.S. Ramesh



I would like to share my personal experience with you. 
I am a diabetic from last 18 years. When i added fenfurotm  in june 2011. I was already taking metformin 2000mg, pioglitazone 30mg, glimpride 6mg, Citagliptin 100mg  and insulin 80 units. FENFUROTM was added at the dose of one capsule three times a day. My HbA1c was 6.4% and c-peptide was 0.20.
Today on 26th August, 2012 I am taking metformin 1000mg, glimpride 2mg, Citagliptin100mg and insulin is totally withdrawn. My HbA1c is 6.2% and C-peptide 2.12.
In Short
     Dr.K. Srivastava


“ Mr D C Srivastava is my old patient of Hypertension. After being diagnosed as Diabetic in June 2011 he was advised to take Metformin 500mg and Glimipride 1 gm, later Fenfuro was also added in BID dosage. All OHA’s were withdrawn after six months & only Fenfuro was advised to continue. Regular monitoring of his blood glucose level has revealed that even after 15 months of withdrawl of all OHA’s his blood sugar level are normal with only Fenfuro. His energy level is also increased during this period”

Dr.Navneet Jaipuriar
Cardiologist, Gorakhpur.

I am delighted to inform you that I have been taking FENFUROTM capsule for last 3-4 months and I am very happy with the results.

My blood glucose level has come down from 100 to in the range of 80 and my LIPID profile also came down from high risk to normal levels.

I wish FENFUROTM team all the success and my heartiest congratulations for successfully bringing the product in the market.

Rajiv Goyal
Chairman & Managing Director
Surya Pharmaceutical Group

I am Diabetic for last 12 years. I was on insulin and oral hypoglycemic drugs. In June 2009, I started taking ‘FENFUROTM’. Two months after starting FENFUROTM I completely stopped insulin and other hypoglycemic. FENFUROTM has made tremendous impact on quality of my life and I am back to a healthy normal life.

Dr.(Col.) R.K.Sharma

1. I, Col. LS. Dhillon, resident ofH.No-80, Guru Gobind Singh Nagar, Jalandhar-144003, saw the advertisement of "FENFUROTM" in English daily "Hindustan Times" about one and half month back. I spoke on the three numbers given in the news paper and final spoke to "Kamalit" Mob.No.09915002390. She explained to me about this medicine and Also made me speak to a Dr. on my certain quiry.

2. I ordered for one pack and promptly sent through courier by kamaljit Taking one capsule a day,it appeared to be effective as per their claim. I than ordered for 2 more packs and started taking 2 capsules moring And a at night. Nearly after 1 month had my blood checked. The result was exceptionally surprising. In previous result faswing use to be 250gm and above and postprondial315gm etc. And now fasting 90 and post-prandial 120mg.

3. It is a 10th wonder medicine in service of humanity. I have a small request if, its cost could be reduced.


My mother (Smt.Pushpa Kapoor) is Diabetic for about last Eleven years. She started taking FENFUROTM in July,2009. It’s a pleasure to inform that FENFUROTM is a life saver. It has made my mother’s life as she wishes to live now. She has become very active, got back her love for life and she is feeling brighter. Her anxiety level has gone down and she stays happy.

Shukal Kapoor
Son of Smt.Pushpa Kapoor

I am a Diabetic patient for the last about seven years. Now for the last 6 months I have been taking FENFUROTM capsules, one daily. I observed that the medicine is good for controlling diabetes with my body fitness and without any side effects. I personally feel that this medicine with one hour walk is sufficient to control diabetes.

Gurpal Singh

My daughter Shifali Khanna (Age 17 years) has been suffering from Diabetes since birth. She had been on insulin since then. After taking FENFUROTM her life has changed considerably. Her sugar level has come down to 175 (fasting) from 300 (fasting). Dark circles around her eyes have diminished; she is feeling more energetic inspite of losing weight which was on higher side before taking FENFUROTM.

I am thankful to this wonder medicine – ‘FENFUROTM’.

Yash Khanna
Father of Shifali Khanna

I am consuming this product from last six months.I have very good results.I told my friends who were suffering from diabetes from long time.They all are satisfied and have good results.

Jaspal Singh Dhillon



I G. Chidambram resident of Lucknow confirm that I am taking FENFURO for last five months. During this period my sugar level has brought down from 175 in fasting to 116. This is good product for diabetic patient. This not only brings down blood sugar level but also increases energy level.

I wish grand success to FENFURO.

G. Chidambram



My Experience with FENFUROTM : Earlier, I found it very difficult to hold my blood sugar level with medicines; although I was very regular with my health issues but drugs given to me by doctors were large in number. FENFUROTM was great experience that reduced my other drugs, as well as has maintained my blood sugar level.




I started taking FENFUROTM capsules in February,2010. After about one and half month treatment with FENFUROTM one of my medicine has reduced. Now I am taking one dose of insuline 20 unit in the morning. At lunch I take FENFUROTM and one medicine before dinner. Overall I am feeling fine.


Found to be very effective. Good for Diabetes.

Dr.Satish Arora

I have been taking FENFUROTM for last six months. I was detected pre diabetic around year and half ago. My HbA1c was 6.7.The doctor put me on one tab of Metformin and advised me for regular walk and diet control. I lost around 10 kg weight and the test showed only marginal improvement.After one year I started taking one capsule of FENFUROTM along with Metformin regularly.

Within three months of taking FENFUROTM along with Metformin the results improved my HBA1c came down to 6 the fasting was 95 and PP was 98. The doctor ad


vised me to stop Metformin. I stopped Metformin and continued taking FENFUROTM. Now almost three months have passed I am taking only FENFUROTM one capsule.The checks made at home with acucheck shows fasting in range of 100.

Rakesh Sehgal
Navi Mumbai 

I have been taking Fenfuro for the past 6 months.  I find that my blood Sugar levels which use to be about 7 / 8% above normal are now within normal levels.  Also the Quantum of medicine has reduced by about 20%. 

Rajender Kumar Mohatta



I hv ordered 1 bottle of abve caps sometime in Jun.10 & after consuming these caps.the sugr.levels are checked on 17.08.10.The results are as under:-


1)Bl. Sugr. 106 (147) Fast. 2)Bl.Sugr. 114(169) the figures in bracket. are previous levels.
From the above it is seen that FENFUROTM has worked EXCELLANTLY. Congratulations for your solid research. 

Padhye Sudhir





I have been using fenfuro product for diabetes for the past 6 months.............i am plaesed 2 inform u that my experience with the tablets so far had been positive..............

1 The HbA1c got readuced marginally from 9 to 8%.........................

2 The asting and p.p values have reduced considerably and now it is around 100 and 150 respectively........................

3 My apetite has improved...................

4 Digestion is good and the constipatiention problems have considerably decreased....................

5 Iam still continuing the tablets 2 c the further effects on HbA1c.......results 

I fell that the tablets have really helped in controlling diabetes 

K N Vasanth 


I have been a diabetic for the past 15 to 20 years. I'm on oral medications and insulin.

I have been taking Fenfuro since the beginning of this year.

Taking the average of the past three months, my blood sugar level is now 5.7.

My doctor has told me that my blood sugar is well under control for now.

So, thank you for this wonderful medicine. 

Haukham Hauzel


your product is very effective....

good results....

the only demerit being the high cost....

keep doin the good work. 

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma


Sorry for the delay in giving my opinion. I am a patient of several problems and one of it is diabetics..

after taking Fenfuro i am ok now .my fasting is between 65-90 and my pp is 160-170.

previously i was getting fasting in between 110-140 and my pp 200 and above.

thanx for this medicine which has cured me. i really liked.


Lakshmi Kuppuswami



2 months back i check up sugar fasting 283,P.P 450 and HBa1C 10.02.and i started fenfuro as per your instruction taking 2 capsules a day. now i already completed 90 capsules.before 2 weeks i again check up , the result is fasting 127, P.P 181 and HBa1C 7.4.now what to do? i have to take as usual or i have to change the dose. pls give me instruction. 

Harshad Kothari


Sir Please find hereby,blood reports Dated:30/10/2008,Before starting your medicine and new report Dated:1/11/2009.
I started taking your medicine from 8/8/2009.And was checking the result on my acqua check machine.In August 2009,my fasting sugar was around 220 average,which has came down to average 120 to 140.
At present i am taking Glycomate M2 morning and evening along wth your medicine in morning after breakfast.
Deepak Chawla


I have purchased ur product FenFuro for Diabetes vide cashmemo No. 146 dt.09.06.10

I am getting execellent efect It is very kind of u if u pl. send me one anotherpack of30 capsules by V.P.P


Davinder Singh Ahluwalia


My wife is taking these capsules from last six months & she has stop her allopathic medicine & feeling very energetic and now she is taking only fenfuro.Earlier her fasting glucose level was 180-200 But now it comes into normal range. Great Thank to your team for this wonder product.

K. S. Chauhan



I would like to inform you that my doctor was amazed  after looking my reports. i got drastic change in my sugar level. My Hba1c was very high but now it come down to normal range.


Daulet Singh



My wife is diabetic but she is not controlling food so there is not much benefit in diabetic but she was suffering from mild fever since last one year which is vanished now,now no fever further she was taking two tablet which she reduce to one tablet for diabetic.


Aajay khemka




Iam 63 and have been type 2 diabetic since 50. I am a vegetarian, get up by 4 am daily, walk barefoot inside home for 40 mts after filter coffee with sugar, stretch exercises for 30mts and pranayam for 70 mts. Fruits for breakfast. Generally I do not avoid sweets, rice, wheat etc.I have been on Riomet Duo 500/2 one tablet in the morning and 500/1 one tablet in the night. Some months back fasting/pp sugar levels were high in the region of 140/ 160. Since started taking fenfuro-one in the morning before breakfast, fasing level has come down to 105.Cholesterol / triglyceride levels are much better--in the region of 150-- earlier they used to be around 180-200.


N. Sripathy



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